Kingdom Hearts: Origin of Dreams

Kingdom Hearts: Origin Has love, adventure and action
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 The Story....

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PostSubject: The Story....   Wed Sep 23, 2009 8:56 pm

The Realm of Hearts...
said to be the birth place of it all, the centre of creation. This realm was a fusion of the end world we know of. The World That Never Was, stood in it's centre, a bustling metroplis of nothing, not a single life was born there, be it human, werewolf, heartless or nobodies. Lapping against it's shores was a gigantic ocean it water was always a sunset pink. Heading south, a chain of islands rest, heading north a set of ruins reside. Destiny Islands and the End Of the World, 3 places where the strong gather, 3 places where history is written. This world lived in the unknown, hiding in a dimension un reachable, of course this never stopped people from trying.

The hundreds of worlds that lay shattered accross space, were originally joined into one. This world could be called something akin to a planet, with large contients dominating the orb, vast oceans stretching further then the eye could comprehend. This was the home to those we have come to love, and was connected perfectly. Nothing abruptly changed, it naturally changed, with everyone comming together. A large sun always rose with the day, a perfect sphere shining brightly agasint the sky, A moon which was always fixed into a Crescent shape.
However the shape is far from smooth, instead it is jagged, with debris encircling it. All of this is visible to the naked eye, and has perplexed the people of Disneido for years. Alas this was a time of bliss, the Realm of Hearts was all but a legend, the dark creatures known as heartless were hardly known of. If they did make an appearance, they were taken care of quickly and simply.

...Hope and Despair..
Yes in this time, the Keyblades were not limited to just a handful of people. No their hearts were pure enough, and strong enough, for the power of light to be bestowed upon the many. This army became the 'police force', protecting everyone from harm. With advanced knowledge on the power of the key blades, these weilders could go through the 'Corridor of Light'. Allowing them travel to certain areas in the world with ease. Alas, for if the weilders were stronger, so were their eneimes, the heartless at this time are powerful and malvolent beings. Because so many hearts were pure, when they fell, the hearltess born of them was always powerful. From these powerful hearts, twisted beings called nobodies seemed to have appeared, they unlike their counterparts could reach a human form, but lacked any true emotion.

Then one fateful day, 3 pairs of eyes opened in 3 different locations. Each area was like a barren desert, even if it contained vegetation or buildings. This world was none other then the Realm of Hearts, a place were no life ever existed. A place where harmony was balanced perfectly, to prevent the corruption of ___ . They grew up wandering, never knowing or understanding how to escape their prision. These 3 children walked among their land frightened and alone. None of them had any idea of who they were, or where they were, the only thing keeping them sane was a single memory.

...Memory Fragment..
This memory depected a Heart shaped moon, along the outline of the moon was a pink tinge, similar to the ocean surrounding them. The moon itself wasn't just pure white light, it had patches of darker light, 'craters' along its surface if you will. These craters represented the strength the heart had gained through its life. This moon consumed the night sky, completely turning the darkness into Twilight, creating shadows. These shadows had meanign to the 3 little ones, each was a gap in their memory, a gap in their soul. Standing there, they feel hands clasp each others, the warmth and security, but cannot turn their heads, only hear each others words..

"You've done it"
"Are you crying again?"
"S..shutup! If you had a heart you would be to!"
"Hehe settle down you two.."
"Naaah your so uncool!"

These voices a full of happiness and warmth, something all 3 wish for...

They met, one night each made their way to the large castle, shining out into the night. 2 had to sail across the vast sea, whilst the other had to walk through a maze. The world seemed against them, storms and a fog appeared from nowhere, for once change had happened in the realm. They stood looking at each other, non able to speak, non knowing how to speak. For this case, words were not needed, as instantly they recognised each other as family and a heartfelt reunion came to be.

Which side will you choose? Will you help the 3 chosen? or plot their downfall?
Who will create Kingdom Hearts?

..and Shatter the Fabric of Time... [/center]
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The Story....
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