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PostSubject: Elements!!   Tue Sep 22, 2009 8:02 pm

Now with these elements, you can only have one! These are the Groups, i shall explain a couple of them in more detail after.


Now we all now about the usual, Fire, Wind, Blizzard and Thunder, that sort of stuff, but with the other 3 Groups, its a bit different.

This is self explanitory with the Light and Dark part, but with Regen, you will be able to heal yourself. HOWEVER, Regen moves will COST MORE MAGIC POINTS then Light ones. The same is with Gravity moves, you will be able to control it, but it will COST MORE MAGIC POINTS.

For Example:

John shoots a blast of light

Name: Light Magic
Technique: Halo Blast
Stats Required: -4 Mag
Hrt Deduction: -2
Description: User shoots a small blast of light magic at foe
Advantages: Very fast
Disadvantages: Causes very little impact. low accuracy

Now if John used a Regen move it would be like this

Name: Regen Magic
Technique: Sealing Light
Stats Required: -8 Mag
Hrt Gain: +4
Description: The user casts a small weak light on the area which is injured and heals it
Advantages: heals you
Disadvantages: takes more energy and doesnt heal loads

Thse same will be with the Darkness/Gravity Group. For having such powerfull groups we have made it so that the cost to use them will be very high, so if you choose them, think wisely about their usage and your points!

it is a bit more tricky, but again its cost will be great, but it will be MUCH GREATER THEN THE OTHER 2! Also, if you do choose this, we admins will look harshly upon your moves with this Element, and you may find most of them rejected. I say for those who want time, maybe being a very experinced rper, is best sutied for this.
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