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 The Battle System!!

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PostSubject: The Battle System!!   Tue Sep 22, 2009 1:41 am


Hello and welcome to the site!, Now i bet your all ready to fight each other, but hows about i tells ya the rules first before doing so okay?^^

On the left of this post, you can see 3 blue bars called Power, Magic and Heart (Pwr, Mag, Hrt for short). These are what determine how much health your have, and if you have enough points to use certain moves or not.

Power Bar= This is mainly used for your physical techniques, everytime one is used, this bar depletes to 0

Magic Bar= This is mainly used for your magice techniques and the like, same with the Power bar, the more its used, the more it depletes

Heart Bar= This is your health, as you get hit by techniques from your opponent, then you will slowly die, and once you reach 0, your dead, or if it was just a friendly spar, then we shall be using a KO sytem for that.


When you fight somone, and you use a tech, you MUST post the tech. That way the opponent can see what move your using, how much it will cost you, and how much damage it will do to them, if it hits. Now i do not want to see, peopel dodging everything, if you enemy is like UBER stronger then you, then face the fact that like all his moves will hit you. But say if you were on equal level, then it will be a close match, with both of you near dead and tired.

An Example:

*Johnny pulled out his keyblade and attacked the heartless

Name: KeyBlade
Technique: Rombus Slash
Stats Required: -3 power points
Hrt Deduction: -2
Description: The wielder quickly rases his keybalde and slashes very fast in a rombus pattern, surroneding the enmy and cutting them
Advantages: Very fast
Disadvantages: Doesn't cut deeply, small scratches

The enemy would either take the hit and lose 2 Hearts or they could dodge it, but this is how a fight would be done.


The KO system basically is just Whilst your fighting, as your Heart decreases and the nfinally emptys, instead of dying, you jus get knocked out, perfect way not to die!


1) Keep track of you points! after you use a technique, type at the bottom how much of what you have left, its really does help!

2) Don't pick pointless fights where your going to get killed, by all means spar with somone stronger, but if you do a proper fight, you won't last long

3) Do not God mod, shall feel more pain then a womans fury!!!!
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The Battle System!!
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