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 Basic Rules-OBEY!

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PostSubject: Basic Rules-OBEY!   Mon Sep 21, 2009 10:55 pm

Hi and welcome here are something,
that you MUST follow, otherwise your life here will be short ^^

1- Do not GOD MOD or META GAME. If you are caught doing either, then a staff member will warn you ONCE. Please edit the post. If you continue after you've been warned, then serious action will be taken. Nothing ruins a good rp fight, or rp when someone pulls out the GD or the MG

2- Don't cuss or insult the actual user. If you are cussing in character, make it clear, so that there are no misunderstandings. Don't want people coming to me crying.

3- Do not spam where spam doesn't belong. Spam in the chat, or at your residences. Thank you.

4- Your chat will not be counted towards your posting count.

5- Write like you know the language please. Don't shorthand things are aren't necessary. And try when you can, to spell the words correctly, as it is hard to tell what you're saying when you : WrIt lik dis.

6. Keep it PG-13 people, i dont want to see to members going at it like rabbits, want to do that kinda stuff, do it elsewhere or in pms. What you can do, is hold hands, hug, kiss, thats about it
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Basic Rules-OBEY!
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